Co robi LPR użycie. Konsola printing system here; the older LPRng and BSD systems will vary.

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Polecenie lpr

Wykonanie, użycie: Send files to be printed. If no files are given, accept standard input. We document the CUPS printing system here; the older LPRng and BSD systems will vary slightly. CUPS lpr, for example, does not accept the options c, d, f, g, i, m, n, t, v, or w, used by LPRng

Opcje wykonania lpr w konsoli

-C, J, T name

Sets a name for the print job.


Use encryption when connecting to a print server.


Expect a binary or literal file on which minimal processing should be done. The same as -o raw.

-o option

Set printer-specific options. These vary by printer, but may include paper type and orientation, paper-tray selection, output order, and so forth. Check the complete CUPS user manual and your printer's PPD file for the full list.

-P printername

Print to the specified printer. If no printer is given, prints to the default printer, usually set with lpadmin.


Pretty-print a text document. Provides a shaded header containing page numbers, the job name, and the time and date of printing. Equivalent to -o prettyprint.


Delete files after printing them.

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