Co robi CHKCONFIG użycie. Konsola chkconfig manages which services will run in a specified runlevel.

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Polecenie chkconfig

Wykonanie, użycie: System administration command. Manipulate symbolic links in the /etc/rc.d/rc[0-6] .d directories. chkconfig manages which services will run in a specified runlevel. Valid flags are on, off, or reset to reset the service to defaults given in its initialization script in /etc/rc.d/init.d. To specify defaults in an standard initialization script, add a comment line to the script beginning with chkconfig: followed by the runlevels in which the service should run, and the start and kill priority numbers to assign—e.g., chkconfig: 2345 85 15

Opcje wykonania chkconfig w konsoli

--add service

Create a start or kill symbolic link in every runlevel for the specified service according to default behavior specified in the service's initialization script.

--del service

Remove entries for specified service from all runlevels.

--level numbers

Specify by number the runlevels to change. Provide numbers as a numeric string: e.g., 016 for levels 0, 1 and 6. Use this to override specified defaults.

--list [service]

Print whether the specified service is on or off in each level. If no service is specified, print runlevel information for all services managed by chkconfig.

Przykłady chkconfig działanie w Słownik polecenie C

Przykład CHKCONFIG użycie :
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