Co robi SHA1SUM użycie. Konsola specified as - , read from standard input uruchomić.

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Polecenie sha1sum

Wykonanie, użycie: Compute or check 160-bit SHA1 checksums to verify file integrity. If the file is not specified, or specified as -, read from standard input

Opcje wykonania sha1sum w konsoli

-b, --binary

Read files in binary mode. The default on DOS or Windows.

-c, --check

Check the SHA1 sum and file information in the file argument (or standard input) against the corresponding files and verify that they are consistent. The input must have been generated by an earlier sha1sum command.


Print usage information and exit.


Don't generate output messages; the exit code indicates success or failure. Used only with --check.


Compute the SHA1 sum for the specified string. This option does not take a file argument. Put quotes around the string if it contains spaces.

-t, --text

Read files in text mode. The default.


Print version information and exit.

-w, --warn

Warn about improperly formatted checksum lines. Used only with --check.

Przykłady sha1sum działanie w Słownik polecenie S

Przykład SHA1SUM użycie :
Jak użyć specified and print any printable character strings found that are at least four characters long and followed by an unprintable character. Often used to find human-readable content within binary co znaczy.
Przykład SHA1SUM użycie :
Jak użyć Generate, manage, and convert authentication keys for ssh . When using ssh-keygen to create a key, the -t option must be specified to identify the type of key to create krzyżówka.
Przykład SHA1SUM użycie :
Jak użyć calls and signals for command with optional arguments . strace shows you how data is passed between the program and the kernel. With no options, strace prints a line for each system call. It shows co to jest.
Przykład SHA1SUM użycie :
Jak użyć System administration command. Stop making devices and files specified in devicelist available for swapping and paging słownik.
Przykład SHA1SUM użycie :
Jak użyć Display kernel slab cache information in real time. slabtop displays a listing of the top caches as sorted by a given sort criteria czym jest.