Co robi YACC użycie. Konsola send output to . This command name stands for y et a nother c.

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Polecenie yacc

Wykonanie, użycie: Given a file containing context-free grammar, convert file into tables for subsequent parsing, and send output to This command name stands for yet another compiler-compiler. See also flex, bison, and lex ; yacc (O'Reilly)

Opcje wykonania yacc w konsoli

-b prefix

Prepend prefix, instead of y, to the output file.


Generate, producing #define statements that relate yacc's token codes to the token names declared by the user.


Generate a VCG description.


Exclude #line constructs from code produced in (Use after debugging is complete.)

-o outfile

Write generated code to outfile instead of the default

-p prefix

Change the symbol yacc uses for symbols it generates from the default yy to prefix.


Compile runtime debugging code.


Generate y.output, a file containing diagnostics and notes about the parsing tables.

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