Co robi NSUPDATE użycie. Konsola Use nsupdate to add or remove records from a zone without manually.

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Polecenie nsupdate

Wykonanie, użycie: System administration command. Interactively submit dynamic DNS update requests to a nameserver. Use nsupdate to add or remove records from a zone without manually editing the zone file. Commands may be entered interactively or read from filename. An update message is built from multiple commands, some establishing prerequisites, some adding or deleting resource records. Messages are executed as a single transaction. A blank line or the send command will send the current message. Lines beginning with a semicolon are treated as comments. For additional information on dynamic DNS updates, see RFC 2136

Opcje wykonania nsupdate w konsoli


Print additional tracing information usable for debugging.

-k keyfile

Read encrypted transaction signature key from keyfile. The key should be encrypted using the HMAC-MD5 algorithm. Keyfiles are generated by the dnssec-keygen command.


Use TCP instead of UDP to send update requests.

-y keyname:secret

Generate transaction signature from specified keyname and secret.

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