Co robi TRACEROUTE użycie. Konsola launching UDP probe packets with a small TTL (time-to-live.

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Polecenie traceroute

Wykonanie, użycie: TCP/IP command. Trace route taken by packets to reach network host. traceroute attempts tracing by launching UDP probe packets with a small TTL (time-to-live), then listening for an ICMP "time exceeded" reply from a gateway. host is the destination hostname or the IP number of the host to reach. packetsize is the packet size in bytes of the probe datagram. Default is 40 bytes

Opcje wykonania traceroute w konsoli


Turn on socket-level debugging.

-f n

Set the initial time-to-live to n hops.


Set the "don't fragment" bit.

-g addr

Enable the IP LSRR (Loose Source Record Route) option in addition to the TTL tests, to ask how someone at IP address addr can reach a particular target.

-i interface

Specify the network interface for getting the source IP address for outgoing probe packets. Useful with a multi-homed host. Also see the -s option.


Use ICMP ECHO requests instead of UDP datagrams.

-m max_ttl

Set maximum time-to-live used in outgoing probe packets to max-ttl hops. Default is 30.


Show numerical addresses; do not look up hostnames. (Useful if DNS is not functioning properly.)

-p port

Set base UDP port number used for probe packets to port. Default is (decimal) 33434.

-q n

Set number of probe packets for each time-to-live setting to the value n. Default is 3.


Bypass normal routing tables and send directly to a host on an attached network.

-s src_addr

Use src_addr as the IP address that will serve as the source address in outgoing probe packets.

-t tos

Set the type-of-service in probe packets to tos (default 0). The value must be a decimal integer in the range 0 to 255.


Verbose; received ICMP packets (other than TIME_EXCEEDED and PORT_UNREACHABLE) will be listed.

-w wait

Set time to wait for a response to an outgoing probe packet to wait seconds (default is 5).


Toggle IP checksums, usually to turn them off. IP checksums are always calculated if -I is specified.

-z msecs

Set the delay between probes, in milliseconds. The default is 0.

Przykłady traceroute działanie w Słownik polecenie T

Przykład TRACEROUTE użycie :
Jak użyć A null command that returns a successful (0) exit status. See also false co znaczy.
Przykład TRACEROUTE użycie :
Jak użyć Accept output from another command and send it both to standard output and to files (like a T or fork in the road krzyżówka.
Przykład TRACEROUTE użycie :
Jak użyć user. person is either the login name of someone on your own machine or user@host on another host. To talk to a user who is logged in more than once, use ttyname to indicate the appropriate terminal co to jest.
Przykład TRACEROUTE użycie :
Jak użyć topological sort on partially ordered strings in the specified file. Multiple strings on a line are separated by spaces, where each line indicates a partial ordering. The fully ordered results are słownik.
Przykład TRACEROUTE użycie :
Jak użyć administration command. Reads and manipulates packet capture files created by tcpdump -w . Based on timestamps, extract portions of or piece together files. Display all packets between the given czym jest.