Co robi SETQUOTA użycie. Konsola block-limit hard-block-limit soft-inode-limit hard-inode-limit.

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Polecenie setquota

Wykonanie, użycie: System administration command. Set quotas from the command line. Provide limits in the format soft-block-limit hard-block-limit soft-inode-limit hard-inode-limit. To disable a quota, set it to 0. See also edquota, a vi editor interface for editing and setting quotas

Opcje wykonania setquota w konsoli


Apply settings to all filesystems listed in /etc/mtab that support quotas.


Read new settings from standard input. Provide as a list, each line in the form of "name limits."


Specify filesystem quota format to use. See quota for a list of accepted values.


Set group quotas instead of users.


Apply the same settings as used for the specified user or group: prototype.

-tblockgrace inodegrace

Specify overall grace times in seconds for block and inode quotas.

-Tname blockgrace inodegrace

Specify grace times in seconds for individual user or group name. Use the string unset to remove existing grace times.


Set user quotas. (This is the default.)

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