Co robi SEQ użycie. Konsola line to standard output. Both first and increment can be omitted and.

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Polecenie seq

Wykonanie, użycie: Print the numbers from first through last by increment. The default is to print one number per line to standard output. Both first and increment can be omitted and default to 1, but if first is omitted then increment must also be omitted. In other words, if only two numbers are specified, they are taken to be the first and last numbers. The numbers are treated as floating-point

Opcje wykonania seq w konsoli

-f format, --format=format

Write the output using the specified printf floating-point format, which can be one of %e, %f, or %g (the default).


Print help message and exit.

-s string, --separator=string

Use string to separate numbers in the output. Default is newline.

-w, --equal-width

Equalize the width of the numbers by padding with leading zeros. (Use -f for other types of padding.)


Print version information and exit.

Przykłady seq działanie w Słownik polecenie S

Przykład SEQ użycie :
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