Co robi W użycie. Konsola essentially a combination of uptime , who , and ps -a . Display output.

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Wykonanie, użycie: Print summaries of system usage, currently logged-in users, and what those users are doing. w is essentially a combination of uptime, who, and ps -a. Display output for one user by specifying user

Opcje wykonania w w konsoli


Toggle printing the from (remote hostname) field.


Suppress headings and uptime information.


Use the short format.


Ignore the username while figuring out the current process and CPU times.


Display version information.

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Jak użyć Depending on your Linux distribution, wall uses one of the two syntaxes shown. In both versions, the default is for wall to read a message from standard input and send the message to all users co to jest.
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Jak użyć System administration command. Mail warning messages to users that have exceeded their soft limit definicja.
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Jak użyć database for a domain name, IP address, or NIC name. The information returned varies, but usually contains administrative and technical contacts so that you can find a person to handle problems at co znaczy.
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Jak użyć interactive file downloads from the Web. wget works in the background and can be used to set up and run a download without the user having to remain logged on. wget supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, as well słownik.
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Jak użyć to an interactive conversation with user . A write session is terminated with EOF. If the user is logged into more than one terminal, specify a tty number. See also talk ; use mesg to keep other znaczenie.