Co robi SU użycie. Konsola privileged user (i.e., become a superuser). Enter EOF to terminate. You.

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Polecenie su

Wykonanie, użycie: Create a shell with the effective user ID user. If no user is specified, create a shell for a privileged user (i.e., become a superuser). Enter EOF to terminate. You can run the shell with particular options by passing them as shell_args (e.g., if the shell runs bash, you can specify -c command to execute command via bash, or -r to create a restricted shell)

Opcje wykonania su w konsoli

-, -l, --login

Go through the entire login sequence (i.e., change to user's environment).

-c command, --command=command

Execute command in the new shell and then exit immediately. If command is more than one word, it should be enclosed in quotes. For example:

su -c 'find / -name *.c -print' nobody

-f, --fast

Start the shell with the -f option, which suppresses the reading of the .cshrc or .tcshrc file. Applies to csh and tcsh.

-m, -p, --preserve-environment

Do not reset environment variables.

-s shell, --shell=shell

Execute shell, not the shell specified in /etc/passwd, unless shell is restricted.


Print a help message and then exit.


Print version information and then exit.

Przykłady su działanie w Słownik polecenie S

Przykład SU użycie :
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Jak użyć options for the current standard input device. Without options, stty reports the terminal settings that differ from those set by running stty sane , where ^ indicates the Ctrl key and ^` indicates a co to jest.
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Jak użyć administration command. Terminate all processing. when may be a specific time (in hh :mm format), a number of minutes to wait (in + m format), or now . A broadcast message notifies all users to log słownik.
Przykład SU użycie :
Jak użyć Remove symbols from object files , thereby reducing file sizes and freeing disk space czym jest.