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Polecenie statd

Wykonanie, użycie: System administration command. The NFS status server, statd, reports server status to clients like the rup command

Opcje wykonania statd w konsoli


Debugging mode; log verbose information to standard error.


Run statd in the foreground.

-n hostname, --name hostname

Specify a name to use for the local hostname. By default, this is read using the gethostname function.

-o port, --outgoing-port port

Specify the port that statd should use for its outgoing requests to other servers. When not specified, a port is assigned by portmap.

-p port, --port port

Specify the incoming port that statd should listen on. When not specified, a port is assigned by portmap.

-P directory, --state-directory-path directory

Store state information in directory instead of the default, /var/lib/nfs.


Print version information, then exit.


Print help message, then exit.

Przykłady statd działanie w Słownik polecenie S