Co robi STAT użycie. Konsola format. The error messages Can't stat file and Can't lstat.

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Polecenie stat

Wykonanie, użycie: Print out the contents of an inode as they appear to the stat system call in a human-readable format. The error messages "Can't stat file" and "Can't lstat file" usually mean the file doesn't exist. "Can't readlink file" generally indicates that something is wrong with a symbolic link

Opcje wykonania stat w konsoli

-c format, --format=format

Display the output as specified by format.

-f, --filesystem

Display information about the filesystem where the file is located, not about the file itself.


Display help information and exit.

-L, --dereference

Follow links and display information about the files found.


Print the output tersely, in a form suitable for parsing by other programs.


Print version information and exit.

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