Co robi SPLIT użycie. Konsola prefix aa , prefix ab , and so on. The default prefix is x , giving.

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Polecenie split

Wykonanie, użycie: Split infile into equal-sized segments. infile remains unchanged, and the results are written to prefixaa, prefixab, and so on. The default prefix is x, giving the output files xaa, xab, etc. If infile is - or missing, standard input is read. See also csplit

Opcje wykonania split w konsoli

-a n, --suffix-length=n

Use suffixes of length n (default is 2).

-b n[b|k|m] , --bytes=n[b|k|m]

Split infile into n-byte segments. Alternate block sizes may be specified:


512 bytes.


1 kilobyte.


1 megabyte.

-C bytes[b|k|m] , --line-bytes=bytes[b|k|m]

Put a maximum of bytes into file; insist on adding complete lines.

-d, --numeric-suffixes

Use numeric suffixes instead of alphabetic suffixes for the output filenames.

-n, -l n, --lines=n

Split infile into n-line segments (default is 1000).


Print a help message and then exit.


Print a message for each output file.


Print version information and then exit.

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