Co robi SORT użycie. Konsola are specified, compare them by byte, in machine-collating sequence. If.

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Polecenie sort

Wykonanie, użycie: Sort the lines of the named files. Compare specified fields for each pair of lines; if no fields are specified, compare them by byte, in machine-collating sequence. If no files are specified or if the file is -, the input is taken from standard input. See also uniq, comm, and join

Opcje wykonania sort w konsoli

-b, --ignore-leading-blanks

Ignore leading spaces and tabs.

-c, --check

Check whether files are already sorted and, if so, produce no output.

-d, --dictionary-order

Sort in dictionary order.

-f, --ignore-case

Fold; ignore uppercase/lowercase differences.

-g, --general-numeric-sort

Sort in general numeric order.


Print a help message and then exit.

-i, --ignore-nonprinting

Ignore nonprinting characters (those outside ASCII range 040-176).

-k n[,m] , --key=n[,m]

Skip n-1 fields and stop at m-1 fields (i.e., start sorting at the nth field, where the fields are numbered beginning with 1).


Sort in arithmetic order.

-ofile, --output=file

Put output in file.

-m, --merge

Merge already sorted input files.

-r, --reverse

Reverse the order of the sort.

-s, --stable

Stabilize sort by disabling last-resort comparison.

-tc, --field-separator=c

Separate fields with c (default is a tab).

-u, --unique

Identical lines in input file appear only one time in output.

-z, --zero-terminated

End lines with zero byte, not with newline.


Print version information and then exit.

-M, --month-sort

Attempt to treat the first three characters as a month designation (JAN, FEB, etc.). In comparisons, treat JAN < FEB and any invalid name for a month as less than a valid month.

-Ssize, --buffer-size=size

Set the size of the main memory buffer to size, which may include a suffix—e.g., K (1024, the default) or M.

-T tempdir, --temporary-directory=dir

Directory pathname to be used for temporary files.

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