Co robi SENSORS użycie. Konsola The default configuration file is /etc/sensors.conf uruchomić.

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Polecenie sensors

Wykonanie, użycie: Display current readings of all sensor chips and set limits as specified in the configuration file. The default configuration file is /etc/sensors.conf

Opcje wykonania sensors w konsoli


Omit adapter and algorithm for each chipset.

-c [config-file]

Specify a configuration file. The default value is sensor.conf, and the default paths are searched in this order: /etc, /usr/lib/sensors, /usr/local/lib/sensors, /usr/lib, /usr/local/lib, and . (the current directory).


Print temperatures in Fahrenheit, not Celsius.


Display help information and exit.


Evaluate all set statements in the configuration file. Requires superuser privileges.


Treat all chips as unknown. Used for testing purposes. The output quality will be lower.


Display version information and exit.

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