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Polecenie sdiff

Wykonanie, użycie: Find differences between the two files from and to and merge interactively, writing the results to outfile

Opcje wykonania sdiff w konsoli


Treat remaining options as filenames, even if they begin with -.

-a, --text

Treat all files as text and compare line by line.

-b, --ignore-space-change

Ignore differences in whitespace.

-B, --ignore-blank-lines

Ignore added or missing blank lines.

-d, --minimal

Use a different algorithm to find fewer changes. This option causes sdiff to run more slowly.

-H, --speed-large-files

Heuristically speed comparison of large files with many small scattered changes.

-i, --ignore-case

Ignore case changes.

-I regexp, --ignore-matching-lines=regexp

Ignore any changes that insert or delete lines matching the regular expression regexp.


Ignore whitespace when comparing lines.

-l, --left-column

Print only the left column of common lines.

-o file, --output=file

Write merged output to the specified file.

-s, --suppress-common-lines

Suppress common lines.

-t, --expand-tabs

Convert tabs to spaces in the output to preserve alignment.

-v, --version

Print version information and exit.

-w cols, --width=cols

Set the output to cols columns wide.


Ignore horizontal whitespace when comparing lines.

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