Co robi RWHOD użycie. Konsola programs. Its operation is predicated on the ability to broadcast.

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Polecenie rwhod

Wykonanie, użycie: TCP/IP command. System-status server that maintains the database used by the rwho and ruptime programs. Its operation is predicated on the ability to broadcast messages on a network. As a producer of information, rwhod periodically queries the state of the system and constructs status messages, which are broadcast on a network. As a consumer of information, it listens for other rwhod servers' status messages, validates them, then records them in a collection of files located in the directory /var/spool/rwho. Messages received by the rwhod server are discarded unless they originated at an rwhod server's port. Status messages are generated approximately once every three minutes

Opcje wykonania rwhod w konsoli


Use both broadcast and point-to-point interfaces. This is the default.


Use only broadcast interfaces.


Use only point-to-point interfaces.

-u user

Run daemon as specified user.

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