Co robi RCP użycie. Konsola rname@rhost:path , or a local filename. Files can be copied between two.

Czy przydatne?

Polecenie rcp

Wykonanie, użycie: Copy files between two machines. Each file or directory is either a remote filename of the form rname@rhost:path, or a local filename. Files can be copied between two remote machines, where neither file1 nor file2 is on the local machine. Use of rcp has generally been replaced by scp, which offers better security

Opcje wykonania rcp w konsoli

-c ccachefile

Use ccachefile for the credentials cache file.

-C configfile

Use configfile as the configuration file.

-D port

Connect to the specified port on the remote system.


Always use a network connection, even when doing a local copy. Useful for testing.


Attempt to get tickets for remote host; query krb_realmofhost to determine realm.


Preserve modification times and modes of the source files.

-PN, -PO

Request either the new (-PN) or old (-PO) version of the Kerberos rcmd protocol.


If any of the source files are directories, descend into each directory and recursively copy all files and directories within it. The destination must be a directory.


Turn on DES encryption for all data passed by rcp.

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