Co robi MT użycie. Konsola documented here is mt-st , which includes support for the st driver for.

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Polecenie mt

Wykonanie, użycie: Control a magnetic tape drive used to back up or restore system data. The version of the mt command documented here is mt-st, which includes support for the st driver for SCSI tape devices. The operation argument determines what action will be taken, and, unless the -f or -t option is used, the action is applied to the default tape drive named in the TAPE environment variable. The count argument determines how many times the operation is to be repeated. If not specified, it defaults to 1. Some operations take one or more arguments other than a count, as noted in the descriptions below

Opcje wykonania mt w konsoli

-f device, -t device

Name the tape device to use. This may be a local device, a character special file (see mknod), or a remote device, named in the format host:/path/to/drive or user@host:path/to/drive.

-h, --help

Print usage message and exit. -h prints a simple usage message, while --help also prints a list of commands.

-V, --version

Print version number and exit. Also tells you if you are running mt-st or the GNU version of mt.

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