Co robi MORE użycie. Konsola Display the named files on a terminal, one screenful at a time. See.

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Polecenie more

Wykonanie, użycie: Display the named files on a terminal, one screenful at a time. See less for an alternative to more

Opcje wykonania more w konsoli


Begin displaying at line number num.

-num number

Set screen size to number lines.


Begin displaying two lines before pattern.


Repaint screen from top instead of scrolling.


Display the prompt "[Press space to continue, `q' to quit] " instead of ringing the bell. Also display "[Press `h' for instructions] " in response to illegal commands.


Count logical rather than screen lines. Useful when long lines wrap past the width of the screen.


Ignore form-feed (Ctrl-L) characters.


Page through the file by clearing each window instead of scrolling. This is sometimes faster.


Squeeze; display multiple blank lines as one.


Suppress underline characters.

Przykłady more działanie w Słownik polecenie M

Przykład MORE użycie :
Jak użyć file merge, putting the result in file1 . The effect is easiest to understand if file2 is considered the original version of a file, file3 an altered version of file2 , and file1 a later altered co to jest.
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Jak użyć in clusters, for a directory and its subdirectories and files on an MS-DOS filesystem. See du and mtools for more information, and see minfo for the cluster size. Only one of -a or -s can be definicja.
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Jak użyć mail to other users . The mail utility allows you to compose, send, receive, forward, and reply to mail. mail has two main modes: compose mode, in which you create a message, and command mode, in co znaczy.
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Jak użyć ISO9660/Joliet/HFS filesystem for writing to a CD with a utility such as cdrecord . (HFS is the native Macintosh Hierarchical File System.) mkisofs takes a snapshot of a directory tree and generates słownik.
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Jak użyć players, often used as backends for GUI music players. The files played may be local files or URLs. mpg321 and mpg123 behave the same way, except that mpg123 lacks the option --skip-printing-frames znaczenie.