Co robi LPADMIN użycie. Konsola following options: -d , -p , or -x . When a queue is configured to.

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Polecenie lpadmin

Wykonanie, użycie: System administration command. Configure CUPS printer queues. The command requires one of the following options: -d, -p, or -x. When a queue is configured to require a password, the lpadmin command will prompt for one

Opcje wykonania lpadmin w konsoli

-d queue

Set the default destination for CUPS commands like lp and lpr to the specified queue.


Always use encryption when connecting to the server.

-h server

Apply configuration commands remotely to the specified CUPS server.

-p printer print-options

Apply print-options (documented below) to the specified printer.

-x queue

Delete the specified queue. Abort any current print job and discard any pending print jobs.

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