Co robi LOADKEYS użycie. Konsola create your own keymap file, the related commands showkey.

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Polecenie loadkeys

Wykonanie, użycie: Load a keymap from a specified file, usually one of the keymaps stored in /lib/kbd/keymaps. If you create your own keymap file, the related commands showkey, keymaps, and dumpkeys will be useful as well. Note that loadkeys applies only to virtual consoles; to change your X keyboard configuration, use xmodmap or setxkbmap, or the graphical keyboard-layout switching tools that are included with your desktop environment

Opcje wykonania loadkeys w konsoli

-c, --clearcompose

Clear the compose, or accent, table in the kernel.

-d, --default

Load the default keymap. The same as running loadkeys defkeymap.

-h, --help

Display help and usage information.

-m, --mktable

Instead of loading the table, output maps as C language declarations.

-q, --quiet

Operate in quiet mode.

-s, --clearstrings

Clear the string table in the kernel.

-v, --verbose

Operate verbosely. For extra effect, repeat.

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