Co robi ISOINFO użycie. Konsola extract a file, or generate a find -like file list. The -i option.

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Polecenie isoinfo

Wykonanie, użycie: Display information about ISO9660 images. You can use isoinfo to list the contents of an image, extract a file, or generate a find-like file list. The -i option is required to specify the image to examine

Opcje wykonania isoinfo w konsoli


Print information from the primary volume descriptor (PVD) of the ISO9660 image, including information about Rock Ridge and Joliet extensions if they are present.


Generate output similar to the output of a find . -print command. Do not use with -l.


Print help information and exit.

-i isoimage

Specify the path for the ISO9660 image to examine.

-j charset

Convert any Joliet filenames to the specified character set.


Extract filename information from any Joliet extensions.


Generate output similar to the output of an ls -lR command. Do not use with -f.

-N sector

To help examine single-session CD files that are to be written to a multisession CD. Specify the sector number at which the ISO9660 image is to be written when sent to the CD writer.


Display path table information.


Extract permission, filename, and ownership information from any Rock Ridge extensions.

-T sector

To help examine multisession images that have already been burned to a multisession CD. Use the specified sector number as the start of the session to display.

-x path

Extract the file at the specified path to standard output.

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