Co robi IPCS użycie. Konsola shared memory segments, and semaphore arrays for which the current.

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Polecenie ipcs

Wykonanie, użycie: System administration command. Print report on interprocess communication (IPC) message queues, shared memory segments, and semaphore arrays for which the current process has read access. Options can be used to specify the type of resources to report on and the output format of the report

Opcje wykonania ipcs w konsoli

Resource specification options:


Report on all IPC facilities: shared memory segments, message queues, and semaphore arrays. This is the default.


Report on shared memory segments.


Report on message queues.


Report on semaphore arrays.

Output format options:


Print information on maximum size of the resource: size in bytes of messages or shared memory segments, and the number of semaphores per set in the case of semaphore arrays.


Print creator and owner user IDs for IPC facilities.


Print resource maximum and minimum limits.


Print outstanding usage of the resource in question: the number of messages and the total size of the message queue, or the number of processes using shared memory segments.


Print creator and last operation process identifiers.


Print attach, detach, and change times for shared memory segments, last operation and change times for semaphore arrays, and send, receive, and change times for message queues.


Print summary of current resource usage.

Other options:


Print help message, then exit.

-i identifier

Used in combination with the -m, -q, or -s options. Report only on the resource specified by numeric identifier.

Przykłady ipcs działanie w Słownik polecenie I

Przykład IPCS użycie :
Jak użyć administration command. Load the module filename into the kernel. Simpler but less flexible than the modprobe command. Error messages from insmod may be vague, because the kernel performs module co to jest.
Przykład IPCS użycie :
Jak użyć administration command. Print the IP firewall rules currently stored in the kernel to stdout. Output may be redirected to a file that can later be used by iptables-restore to restore the firewall definicja.
Przykład IPCS użycie :
Jak użyć administration command. Configure netfilter filtering rules for kernels 2.4 and later. Rules for iptables consist of some matching criteria and a target, a result to be applied if the packet matches co znaczy.
Przykład IPCS użycie :
Jak użyć Convert the contents of one or more files from one character encoding to another and write the results to standard output słownik.
Przykład IPCS użycie :
Jak użyć System administration command. Initialize system. Usually run from the boot loader—e.g., lilo or grub znaczenie.