Co robi GROUPADD użycie. Konsola System administration command. Create new group of accounts for.

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Polecenie groupadd

Wykonanie, użycie: System administration command. Create new group of accounts for the system

Opcje wykonania groupadd w konsoli


Exit with error if group being added already exists. If a gid requested with -g already exists and the -o option has not been specified, assign a different gid as if -g had not been specified. This option is not available on all distributions.

-g gid

Assign numerical group ID. (By default, the first available number above 500 is used.) The value must be unique, unless the -o option is used.


Display a help message.


Accept a nonunique gid with the -g option.

-p,--password string

Use the string encrypted by crypt(3), as the initial password for the group.

-P,--path pathname

Specify the path for the group definition file. Normally, the file is placed in /etc/group.


Add a system account. Assign the first available number lower than 499.

--service servicename

Add the group to a special service category. Normally, this is "files," but it may also be "ldap."


Display a very short list of acceptable options for the command.


Print the version number, then quit.

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