Co robi DNSSEC-SIGNZONE użycie. Konsola of key-identifiers . If signed keysets associated with the.

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Polecenie dnssec-signzone

Wykonanie, użycie: System administration command. Sign a secure DNS zonefile with the signatures in the specified list of key-identifiers. If signed keysets associated with the zone are found in the current directory, include their signatures in the signed zone file. The dnssec-signzone command writes the signed zone information to a file named db-domainname.signed. This file should be referenced in a zone statement in a named.conf file. For more information on Secure DNS, see DNS and BIND (O'Reilly), or read RFC 2535

Opcje wykonania dnssec-signzone w konsoli


Verify generated signatures.

-c class

Specify the DNS class of the keyset.

-d directory

Search directory for signed keyfiles.

-e end-time

Specify the date and time the records will expire. The end-time may be specified in yyyymmddhhmmss notation, or given as +n seconds from the start-time. The default is 30 days from start-time.

-f file

Write output to the specified file instead of the default output file.


Print help message, then exit.

-i days

When signing a previously signed zone, replace any records due to expire within the specified number of days. The default is one quarter of the number of days between the signature's start-time and end-time.

-n threads

Specify the number of threads to use when signing the zone file. The default is one for each detected CPU.

-o origin

Specify the zone origin. The name of the zone file is the default origin.


Use pseudo-random data to sign the zone key.

-r device

Specify the device to use as a source of randomness when creating keys. This can be a device file, a file containing random data, or the string keyboard to specify keyboard input. By default, /dev/random will be used when available, and keyboard input will be used when it is not.

-s start-time

Specify the date and time the records become valid. The end-time may be specified in yyyymmddhhmmss notation, or given as +n seconds from the current time. The default is the current time.


Print statistics when complete.

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