Co robi AUTOSCAN użycie. Konsola source files in specified directory , or current directory if none.

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Polecenie autoscan

Wykonanie, użycie: GNU autoconf tool. Create or maintain a preliminary file named configure.scan based on source files in specified directory, or current directory if none given. If a file already exists, autoconf will check it for completeness and print suggestions for correcting any problems it finds

Opcje wykonania autoscan w konsoli

-d, --debug

Don't remove temporary files.

-h, --help

Print help message, then exit.

-v, --verbose

Verbosely print information about the progress of autoscan.

-I dir, --include=dir

Search in directory dir for input files. Use multiple times to add multiple directories.

-B dir, --prepend-include=dir

Search dir for input files before searching in other directories. Use multiple times to add multiple directories.

-V, --version

Print version number, then exit.

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