Co robi AT użycie. Konsola or from a file. (See also batch .) End input with EOF. time can be.

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Polecenie at

Wykonanie, użycie: Execute commands at a specified time and optional date. The commands are read from standard input or from a file. (See also batch.) End input with EOF. time can be formed either as a numeric hour (with optional minutes and modifiers) or as a keyword. It can contain an optional date, formed as a month and date, a day of the week, or a special keyword (today or tomorrow). An increment can also be specified.

The at command can always be issued by a privileged user. Other users must be listed in the file /etc/at.allow if it exists; otherwise, they must not be listed in /etc/at.deny. If neither file exists, only a privileged user can issue the command

Opcje wykonania at w konsoli

-c job [job...]

Display the specified jobs on the standard output. This option does not take a time specification.

-d job [job...]

Delete the specified jobs. Same as atrm.

-f file

Read job from file, not from standard input.


Report all jobs that are scheduled for the invoking user. Same as atq.


Mail user when job has completed, regardless of whether output was created.

-q letter

Place job in queue denoted by letter, where letter is any single letter from a-z or A-Z. Default queue is a. (The batch queue defaults to b.) Higher-lettered queues run at a lower priority.


Display the version number.

Przykłady at działanie w Słownik polecenie A

Przykład AT użycie :
Jak użyć information about the ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) system, based on the /proc/acpi file. Most kernels after 2.4 support ACPI hardware, and in both hardware and software, ACPI is co znaczy.
Przykład AT użycie :
Jak użyć file from each specified assembly-language source file . Object files have the same root name as source files but replace the .s suffix with .o . There may be some additional system-specific options krzyżówka.
Przykład AT użycie :
Jak użyć Play sound files using the ALSA sound system. The related arecord records sound files co to jest.
Przykład AT użycie :
Jak użyć Print machine architecture type to standard output. Equivalent to uname -m słownik.
Przykład AT użycie :
Jak użyć Records sound using ALSA. Accepts the same arguments and options as aplay czym jest.