Co robi APM użycie. Konsola system into standby or suspend-to-disk mode. Used on older systems, and.

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Polecenie apm

Wykonanie, użycie: Display current Advanced Power Management hardware information, such as battery life, or send the system into standby or suspend-to-disk mode. Used on older systems, and replaced by acpi and related commands.

-V, --version

Display version information and quit.


Verbose mode. Display information about the APM BIOS and Linux APM driver.

-m, --minutes

Display estimated minutes of battery life remaining. Default format is in hours and minutes.

-s, --suspend

Suspend system to disk. Suspending the system to disk is equivalent to turning it off, but boot time will be faster and the system will resume exactly where it was before suspend.

-S, --standby

Set system to standby. This will normally turn off the monitor and spin down the disk drives, reducing energy consumption by approximately 50 percent. Recovery from this mode is more rapid than from a full suspend to disk, but the system is still running.


When the system is using AC power, ignore suspend or standby requests generated by the system.


Do not ignore any suspend or standby events. This overrides a previously issued -i flag

Opcje wykonania apm w konsoli

Przykłady apm działanie w Słownik polecenie A

Przykład APM użycie :
Jak użyć manual page descriptions in the whatis database for occurrences of each string and display the result on the standard output. Like whatis , except that it searches for strings instead of words co to jest.
Przykład APM użycie :
Jak użyć hexadecimal program addresses into filenames and line numbers for the executable given with the -e option, or a.out if -e is not specified. If addresses are given on the command line, display the definicja.
Przykład APM użycie :
Jak użyć Create GNU standards-compliant files from template files and can be used to ensure that projects contain all the files and install options required to be standards-compliant co znaczy.
Przykład APM użycie :
Jak użyć administration command. The Linux version of getty . Set terminal type, modes, speed, and line discipline. agetty is invoked by init . It is the second process in the series init-getty-login-shell słownik.
Przykład APM użycie :
Jak użyć configuration settings for sound cards using the ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) system. Settings are written to configuration files using the store function and loaded from those files with znaczenie.